Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cooper Jennings Brock

Arriving at 12:43 at 8lbs 3oz is Cooper Jennings Brock.  Jenny did amazing and both momma and baby are doing great.  

Go time

It's go time...

Progressing quickly

Everything is numb and we're up to 8 now...things are moving quickly.

A gift

These are the toys that baby boy will be gifting to Grayson and Hazel.  A turtle named Shellby and a plane named El Chupacabra.  We're excited for the relationship that will build between these 3 kiddos.


The Epi has occurred...Jenny made it to a 6/7 on the scale which is approximately :( on the smiley face chart.

Hanging in there

Water has been broken.  The doctor remarked, "You seem like you're in a hurry so let's get this baby out"...It left Jenny and I to wonder...do they ever not do everything they possibly can to get the baby out?  "You don't seem to be in a rush so we're going to take our time and really draw this process out for you so you can get the full experience."

Just a Visitor

So - HDH has a new policy requiring anyone other than the Mother of the child to be carrying one of these bad boys:

I mean...no offense to the policy with good intentions and all...but I think I warrant something more than the "Visitor" label.  I'm kind of involved here.